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Webinar Traffic Removal in Leeds: 2 April 2020

When: Thursday 2 April 2020, 2 pm to 3:30 pm

Sign up here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/traffic-removal-in-leeds-reshaping-the-city-for-people-tickets-95951105339

Following the Covid-19 outbreak we have decided to postpone the main event. In the meantime we will be running a short webinar with the following speakers:

  • Dr Steve Melia, Centre for Transport and Society, University of the West of England on 'What is Traffic Removal and Why is it Becoming More Important?'

  • Dr Caroline Mullen, Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds on 'Clean Air, Inclusive Mobility and Healthy Communities: The Case for Prioritising Pedestrians in West Yorkshire'

  • Sophie Best, Transport Planner, WSP on the project underway to create a more pedestrian-friendly Leeds city centre

  • Jamie Keats, Citu on the Climate Innovation District being built on a central Leeds brownfield site

  • Cllr Jonny Crawshaw, City of York Council, author of the approved plan to reclaim York from cars

Leeds has seen a range of initiatives to reclaim space from motor vehicles to create people-friendly spaces. Some of these cutting-edge efforts are under development, both in the city centre and in new residential neighbourhoods. We will hear from the expert practitioners leading these initiatives. We will also learn from exciting plans underway in nearby York to eliminate non-essential car trips in the city centre. A walking tour from the university through the city centre will cap off the afternoon, ending with an optional pub social. The event is organised by the Traffic Removal UK network, Institute for Transport Studies at University of Leeds and Act TravelWise. Registration is free via Eventbrite. This event follows other Traffic Removal UK events held in Bristol, London and Portsmouth.


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