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Low-Traffic Measures: Managing the Backlash - December 2020


When asked in surveys most people say they support traffic reduction measures, but the emergency measures introduced this year have generated widespread opposition, including vandalism and even death threats against some councillors. Why is this? And how can low-traffic measures be managed in the face of such backlashes?

As low-traffic measures have been rapidly implemented across the UK, there hasn't usually been the time and resources for community-led design. Still, now's the time to learn from effective methods of managing community engagement in order to maximise buy-in for low-traffic measures - and properly handle backlash where it does occur.

This webinar brings together experience on:

• Effective consultation/public involvement • Experience of backlashes and lessons learned • How to plan for and manage change in circumstances where opposition is likely

Presenters: • Claire Stocks, Founder Member, Walk Ride Greater Manchester • Steve Melia, Senior Lecturer, University of the West of England • Cllr Jon Burke, London Borough of Hackney • Julian Ridge, Sustainable Transport Manager, City of York Council

Time/date: Wednesday 2 December, 2:00 to 3:30 pm Format: Presentations, panel discussion, Q&A

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